King vs. Queen Bed

Jun 24, 2023

A king/queen bed is the most common type of bed. It’s well-known for its size and comfort. However, there are many types of beds that can be used by couples or single persons. This article will help you decide whether a king or queen is the right size for your bedroom.

What is King/Queen Bed?

The king-sized bed is larger than a queen-sized bed, but both are larger than a full or twin size. If you have space for it and want your partner to be comfortable as well, then this is the best choice. Also, if you want to share your room with someone else who may not fit on a smaller mattress, then opt for the king/queen option.

King Size Mattress Dimensions

King size mattresses are the biggest standard mattress size. They're longer, wider and thicker than other mattress sizes, but they're also heavier. The dimensions for a king size bed are 78 x 80 x 76 x 21 inches (198.12 cm x 203.20 cm x 183.84 cm).

Queen Size Mattress Dimensions

The queen mattress (60 inches wide) is the same length as a regular king (80 inches), but its height is shorter, at 14 inches instead of 19 or 20. The weight of a queen size mattress is approximately 75 pounds, with an average thickness of 9 inches.

King and Queen Bed Similarities

King and queen beds are similar in the sense that they both have a headboard, footboard, and mattress. The dimensions for king and queen size beds are identical, as well. They both measure 79 inches in length (from foot to headboard), 54 inches in width (from side to side), and 80 inches from floor to top of mattress.

King and Queen Bed Differences

There are some differences between these two beds. A king-sized mattress is much wider than a queen-sized one, and it has more space for storage underneath or around it. The extra width means you have more room to stretch out and sleep comfortably without having to share your bed with anyone else, while the extra length gives you more space to store things like books, magazines and other reading materials.

King vs. Queen Pros and Cons

Pros and cons of bedding for each size:

  • King is bigger than the queen, which means that it can fit more people comfortably.
  • Because it is larger, a king will be more expensive than a queen.

Size of the Room

The king size bed is larger than a queen, which is larger than a full, which is larger than a twin, which is larger than a double and so on.


If you are on a budget, the king size bed is not for you.

The price of a typical queen size bed is about $700 to $1,000, whereas the cost of a king-sized mattress runs at least $1,200 and up. A full-size mattress costs around $600 to $800 depending on the quality of it.

Sleeping Partner/s

When buying a king or queen bed, you need to consider how much space your partner will take up. If you want to sleep close together, then a twin is not the best choice for you. However, if you like having some distance between yourselves and your partner, then by all means go for it!


King-size beds are more comfortable than queen beds for most people. King-size mattresses typically have more space between the slats (the bars that hold a mattress in place), which results in better airflow and reduced heat retention when compared to their smaller counterparts.

Your Height and Weight

If you're tall, a king bed may be better. Taller people want the extra space to stretch out their long limbs and avoid hitting their head on the low ceiling of a queen bed.


In terms of movability, the queen bed is the clear winner. A queen-sized mattress fits perfectly into any standard size pickup truck or SUV, whereas a king-size mattress can be quite cumbersome to transport. The queen bed also has less of a footprint than a king bed when it comes to storage space.

Sleeping Position

If you’re a side sleeper, you need more room in a King bed than you would in a Queen. The same goes for back sleepers.

If you’re a stomach sleeper, the opposite is true: You need less room in a King bed than in a Queen.

King vs. Queen Bed FAQs

It's a common misconception that king beds and queen beds are the same size. While they're both generally larger than twin or full mattresses, there are some important differences between them.

First, the width of a king bed is usually 80 inches, while queen beds are between 60 and 66 inches wide.

What size bed do most couples have?

A king-size bed is more popular in the United States than it is in Europe, while a queen-size bed is more popular in Europe than it is in the United States. The popularity of each size of bed varies by country: for example, king beds are more common in the UK than they are across all of Europe as a whole.

How much bigger is a king bed than a queen?

The King Bed is typically 80 inches wide and 76 inches long.

A Queen Bed is 60 inches wide and 60 inches long.

The King Bed is 7 feet 6 inches tall, whereas a Queen Bed is 6 feet 3 inches tall.

Can i put a king mattress on a queen frame?

You can certainly put a king-size mattress on a queen-size bed frame, but you may need to buy a new frame. Check with your local hardware store or mattress retailer to see if they have frames that will support the weight of both pieces.

What is the largest size bed?

The king-size mattress is the largest size bed in the market. It measures 76” x 80” and has a depth of 20".

It's followed by California King, which measures 72" x 84" with a depth of 21". This makes it about 8 inches wider than King size bed.

How much bigger is a California king than a king?

A California king-sized mattress is exactly the same size as a standard king, but it's wider. The extra width provides an increased sleeping area for couples who want to snuggle while they sleep.


Even though it may seem like more space and comfort, the king size bed is not necessarily the best choice for couples. The queen size bed is a great option as it will save you some money while still providing enough room for two people to sleep comfortably. If you are looking into buying a new bed but aren't sure which size would be best? Then check out our guide of 'What Size Bed Do Most Couples Have?' by clicking here!

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