Wholesale Bed sheets for Hospitals

Wholesale Bed sheets for Hospitals

Jun 24, 2023

At hospitals and other inpatient medical care facilities where administrators believe in holistic recovery, bed linens are taken very seriously. In the Indian state of Maharashtra, for example, public hospitals use a color-coded bed sheet system at their nursery and neonatal intensive care units.

This strategy is part of an effort to reduce infant mortality. The idea is to ensure that the linen has been properly washed and gone through the autoclave sterilization process. Blue sheets are used on Mondays, green on Tuesdays, saffron the following day, and so forth.

In addition, to color-coding their bedsheets, doctors at the aforementioned hospitals insist on using 100% cotton fabrics because of their hypoallergenic properties. Patients, as a result, will not risk getting sicker in the middle of treatment. They will also rest more comfortably as doctors check their charts.

High-Quality Bed Sheets

Although the majority of our customers purchase our fine linens for their hotels, we also provide bed sheets for hospitals in the South Florida and Houston regions. Our job is to make sure that patients are comfortable and getting a good night’s sleep in between surgeries and checkups. Bedsheets can make all the difference when a person is battling a fever or painful condition.

Let’s face it, being hospitalized is tough enough for patients. No one wants to become sick, and doctors have to work with expensive surgeries and noisy equipment to help the convalescent. In addition to the high physical costs, patients may feel resentful about the emotional cost if they can’t even get some rest.

When you become a patient, you certainly do not want to sleep on cheap, uncomfortable, ill-fitting sheets. That’s why a number of major hospitals trust us to supply them with the very best in Turkish cotton sheets for their hospital rooms. They truly want their patients to have the best.

Benefits of Organic Cotton Bed Sheets in Clinical Settings

Most people associate organic cotton with sustainable farming practices, but there are also health benefits to consider with regard to hospital bed sheets. When compared to mass farming methods, growing and harvesting organic cotton makes sense from a holistic and therapeutic point of view.

There is a good reason why you never see silky polyester sheets on hospital beds. As good as the synthetic fabric may feel, their textile manufacturing process calls for a substantial amount of chemicals. Such chemicals can irritate the sensitive skin of convalescent patients. As for the pesticides used to grow non-organic cotton, many are considered to be carcinogenic.

With organically grown cotton sheets, your hospital beds will be healthier beyond their hypoallergenic properties. They will not pose a problem to patients who are prone to be sensitive to certain chemicals. Another benefit to consider is related to the comfort your patients can derive from pure cotton, which is essential to speedy recoveries. Sleep is what helps our body recovers from the day, and being able to rest makes all the difference.

As for durability, the organic cotton spun by our textile technicians in Turkey is intended to be highly durable. This means it will withstand being handled, washed and put through the autoclave sterilization process on a daily basis. Heavy-duty washing machines and sanitizing laundry soap should not affect the thread count.

Globaltex is proud to be a recipient of the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification for textile products. This certificate is issued after fabric evaluation at the Hohenstein Textile Testing Institute in Germany. Receiving it indicates that our bed sheets meet the requirements related to products that come into direct contact with human skin.

Wholesale Prices

You don't have to pay sky-high prices to give patients the bedsheets they deserve. We sell our fine linens at wholesale prices to fit all budgets. Even hospitals and clinics on limited budgets find our linens to be reasonably priced for the quality they get.

Hospital administrators around the world know about the importance of quality bed linens. All the linens used in these environments have to be put through special washing and sterilization processes. Man-made polyester fibers mixed with cotton are generally not sufficiently sturdy to handle these processes. Thus, nurses and doctors have found pure cotton sheets the most adequate choice for hospitals. Our fitted sheets are also perfect for use with most standard hospital beds, whether they are manual, semi-electric, or fully electric.

Wholesale pricing means that you get to negotiate costs. Similar to our hotel and resort clients, the final price of your hospital order will depend on various factors. These include the type of bedding, quantity, and terms of delivery.

Other Wholesale Products from Globaltex Fine Linens

  • Towels of all sizes
  • Bedding
  • Bathrobes
  • Pillows
  • Blankets
  • Throws
  • Mattress encasement covers
  • Duvet covers
  • Duvet inserts
  • Pillow inserts

All That Plus A 100% Guarantee!

With the right linens in your hospital rooms, your patients will feel like they are actually staying at a luxury hotel. We invite you to look at our online catalog, where you will undoubtedly find optimum choices for your medical facility. In addition, you will see that we offer a 100% money-back, no-questions-asked guarantee on absolutely everything that we sell.

Consistency with care is extremely important for hospitals where bed sheets are used extensively. We can guarantee that our products can handle your laundry washing and disinfecting procedures.

Our sheets are lovingly made in Denizli, a Turkish city that is renowned for its organic cotton farming. Denizli also has a dedication to excellence in terms of textile production. Knowing that our products bring comfort to people in hotels, resorts, and hospitals around the world are something that gives us deep satisfaction.

Get the Best Today

Allow us to help you choose the best wholesale bed sheets solution for your hospital. We have some of the finest and most durable linens worldwide. For more info about our wholesale bed sheets, linens, and accessories, contact us here. We will be happy to schedule a time for you to visit our showrooms in Miami or Houston.

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