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You want the very best bedding available on the market to please your guests, whether it’s the all-important cotton sheets or other bedding. You know that if you don’t furnish the rooms in your hotel or inn with the smoothest sheets, pillowcases, shams, and duvet covers, you won’t see that repeat business that is your establishment’s veritable lifeblood. Let’s face it, customers don’t go back year after year to places with beds that are made with rough cheaply-made sheets. They want smooth as silk and that’s exactly what 100 percent organic Turkish cotton provides.

Customers Can Be Fickle

In this day and age when potential customers can find the next best thing in just about everything online and on their phones, you need to step up your game to attract more of them. That means the ultimate in comfort, which starts with the bedding that you provide. Don’t let your establishment’s bedding fall short of your customers’ expectations. Buy from us and be assured that, when they lay their heads down at the end of the day, they’ll marvel at the sheer luxury of all of your bedding.

Buy Only the Best

That’s why you want only the best in bed linens and that’s exactly what you get when you buy from us at Globaltex Linens. As your premier linen supplier, we specialize in the finest linens available, whether it’s a flat sheet you need or a complete bedding set. We carry everything that is bedding-related, including:

  • Flat sheets- King Size
  • Flat sheets- Queen Size
  • Pillowcases- King Size
  • Pillowcases- Queen Size
  • Pillow Shams
  • Duvet Covers
  • Complete Bed Sets (customizable)
  • Blankets
  • Throws

Buy in Bulk

Most hotels and inns buy their bedding in bulk to get the most for their money. You probably do, too. That’s why we offer not just the best quality bed linens and other textile products but also the best-priced. After all, you need to keep an eye on your bottom line by saving in every possible way. When you choose GlobalTex Linens as your linen supplier, we make sure that you get exactly what you need and at a price that suits your budget.

Why Choose Globaltex Fine Linens?

All of our bedding is imported to our Miami facility after being expertly manufactured in our Denizli, Turkey factory, which was founded in 1934. We have a long tradition of the highest quality products that are the direct result of extensive quality control that spans from the initial design stage to final production. This consistent attention to detail means that you are getting the finest linens that money can buy to help you with your job of always pleasing your guests.

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We want to become your go-to hotel bedding supplier and feel extremely confident that you’ll love everything about our selection of bedding, as well as our low prices, and superior customer service. For more information about our 100 percent organic Turkish cotton bedding items, simply contact us at Globaltex Fine Linens.