Spa Beige Complete Bath Towel Bundle

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Perfect Every Bathing Experience

Made from 100% organic cotton, our towels gently touch your skin and offer superior absorbency. It wraps your body with its soft
texture and allows you to leave your bathroom with pleasure.

Silky Touches

Our favorite product!
Silky soft and flawlessly textured, our cotton blanket is knitted with a luxurious touch.

100% Cotton

100% Cotton

Top quality organic cotton! Woven with the strongest and finest cottons, our blanket offers the softest and smoothest feel.

For Your Comfort

Your comfort is at the forefront! Offering comfort, this product is the ideal choice for anyone who wants to fall asleep.


Our OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 and Cotton USA certified fabric is tested for harmful substances according to strict global criteria.

Meet our Soft Towels!

Bathing is not only a cleaning ritual, but also a time for relaxation and enjoyment. To take it to the next level, you need soft and absorbent towels.

Our towels gently touch your skin and absorb water quickly. This way, you will feel cool and fresh after bathing. Made of high quality and durable cotton, our towels are strong enough to last for many years.

The Meeting Point of Luxury and Comfort in Your Bathroom

Soft Touch:
Made from 100% organic cotton, Lux Towel Set gently touches your skin and offers superior absorbency.

Turkish Cotton Quality: Durable and long-lasting, you can enjoy the Towel Set for years.

Plush Touch: With its plush texture that offers comfort and warmth, it allows you to leave your bathroom with pleasure.

Various Size Options: There are size options suitable for every bathroom style and taste.

100% Turkish Cotton

Offering the perfect balance of naturalness and comfort, 100% cotton towels are the ideal choice to add luxury and freshness to your bathroom. So, what makes 100% cotton towels different from other towels? Let's discover the amazing benefits of 100% cotton towels together:

1. Breathability:

Cotton is a breathable material. Thanks to this feature, 100% cotton towels allow your skin to breathe and prevent sweating and moisture accumulation.

2. Hygiene:

100% cotton towels prevent the growth of bacteria thanks to their antibacterial properties and provide a hygienic use.

3. Environmentally Friendly:

Cotton is a natural and biodegradable material. 100% cotton towels are also environmentally friendly thanks to this feature .