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If you’re someone who does a lot of traveling, or just has good memories of hotel visits, you’re probably familiar with the popularity of white linens. White is a staple when it comes to hotel sheets, pillow cases, and other bedding pieces, but it’s also a challenge to keep white fabrics white (especially the same pearly white as when they’re first used). Surely there are clumsy or irresponsible hotel guests that spill wine on these linens or create other stains, right? How do hotels manage to keep such beautifully white linens all the time? We at Globaltex Fine Linens USA are here to share the secrets. We are hotel linen suppliers that offer wholesale hotel linens for sale. You can find us in Miami or online on our website.


Hotel Secrets: Keeping White Sheets

The first thing that you need to know about how hotels handle their sheets may ruin your dreams of stealing these tips for your linens at home, and it’s that hotels are often replacing their linens entirely. Hotels go through bedding materials far more quickly than your average person at home, and copying this strategy can be expensive and unnecessarily wasteful. That said, there are still some other tips that you can use for your home linens as well.

  • The Truth About Bleach
    • Bleach is the common go-to for whitening linens and clothing, but it can also be damaging to the fabric. As mentioned above, hotels aren’t too concerned with this as they can replace their linens more frequently. If you’re concerned about home whitening, you can also try a more eco-friendly approach. Consider soaking your linens in a baking soda and vinegar solution, using borax, or trying oxygen- or enzyme-based products. These are less harsh on your fabrics but can also help whiten them. 
  • Reserve Hot Water for Deep Stains
    • In most cases, it’s better to wash your linens in cold water as hot water is more damaging. It should really be used only for deep stains that aren’t properly cleaned. Make sure you’re not overloading the washer to ensure stains are properly cleaned with detergent, and if you need to use hot water, consider lowering your dry settings or letting your linens air dry. This will lower the damage you’ll do to the fabrics.
  • Use a Protector for Pillows
    • To avoid unnecessary oil stains on white pillow cases, consider investing in a pillow protector. This can help catch that excess oil and dirt and can be washed more easily.


Get Organic Cotton Hotel Linens for Sale

We at Globaltex Fine Linens USA specialize in using organic Turkish cotton products. Turkish cotton is especially soft, much like Egyptian cotton but with more durability for the same softness. In addition, organic cotton is known for getting even softer with more washes as the water hydrates the cotton fibers and expands them. This is a great way to ensure your linens last longer, feel softer, and will endure longer periods of use–ultimately saving your hotel money if you’re purchasing wholesale. This is what makes us unique in comparison to other hotel linen suppliers.


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If you’ve been on the lookout for hotel linen suppliers with the best products, then look no further. We at Globaltex Fine Linens USA offer the finest in organic Turkish cotton hotel linens for sale so that you can make the most out of your hotel bedding. Contact us at our Miami location and set up how you can receive linens throughout the United States.

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