Ramazan Patak as part of The List on Ocean Drive Magazine

As part of the Miami culture, Ocean Drive magazine holds a special recognition for people that are somehow changing the Miami scene. This month of May 2021, Ramazan Patak, CEO and founder of Globaltex Fine Linens and now Global Food Group was mentioned in the recognition.

His constant efforts during last year during the lockdown to keep Globaltex Fine Linens up and producing, while also creating a new company called Global Food Group is what gets his name along other 40 names shaping up the business scene in Miami.

As Globaltex Fine Linens, we are thrilled to have Ramazan’s name held in such a high estime in the city and have all his efforts recognized. We will continue with our work to bring the best linen to our clients, and make sure our service is the preferred in the city.